Why we are
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Why We Are the Best

At Sky Vue Drone Services, LLC, we strive to go above and beyond to be your eye in the sky for your business. Take advantage of our aerial drone services in Sugar Land, TX, to gain crystal-clear images of your build sites, property boundaries, and your existing developments. Having a captivating view of your property gives you an all-new perspective, allowing you to see its features and their arrangement. Let us give you the means to plan and properly carry out the changes you’re hoping to introduce.
While most of us see the world around us at eye level, changing perspectives can offer tremendous benefits. By changing the way we look at things, we can develop a better idea of the big picture and how everything else looks beyond our standard point of view. With help from our experienced aerial videography team, you’ll gain a bird’s eye view of your property and see your property from angles not previously possible.

Our Approach to Aerial Videography

We’ve worked hard to build our company on honesty, integrity, and hard work. We don’t consider our job finished until your project is complete and you are satisfied. We strive to give our clients the best results by using the latest technology available on the market.
We offer in-house picture and video editing to ensure your project is delivered with efficiency and accuracy. Our drone pilots are licensed with the FAA to ensure we’re providing our aerial drone services lawfully and in compliance with the governing codes. We use top quality professional drones shot with up to 4K quality pictures and video. Above all, safety is our number one concern. We want to ensure that nobody gets hurt, and no property is damaged while flying.

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Whether you’re a real estate agent marketing a building or site, aerial videography and photography allow you to accurately show prospective customers the size of a building and the surrounding. Reach out to our drone operators with your needs, and we’ll help your project move forward as effectively as possible.


We offer in house picture/video editing to ensure your project is delivered with top quality work.


Our drone pilots are licensed with the FAA to ensure no laws are broken while working on your project.


We use top quality professional drones shot with up to 4k quality pictures/video, we stand by our work.


Safety is our number one concern to ensure nobody is hurt, and no property is damaged while flying.

Drone inspection Sugarland, TX

Aerial Videography in Sugar Land, TX


The sky is truly the limit with Aerial Videography in Sugar Land, TX, provided by Sky Vue Drone Services, LLC. The potential benefit to you and your business from the unparalleled aerial drone services we provide is wide-ranging. Now you can have crystal-clear images of property boundaries, bird’s-eye views of homes and commercial buildings, and assessments of accidents or natural disasters.


Get accurate drone shots for real estate work and many other drone photography services. The advantages of aerial drone services include having the ability to capture still images or video within a matter of minutes that may be expensive, difficult, or impossible to obtain otherwise. Drones are ideally suited to undertaking search and rescue work, supplementing entertainment videos, and more.


Sky Vue Drone Services, LLC is a company pioneering the use of unmanned drones for a wide variety of applications. Our FAA-licensed pilots are ready to fly our drones for you. Call us to discuss drone service.


Roof Inspections in Sugar Land, TX

As a property owner, you understand the importance and significance of your roof. Although your building’s roof is an important visual element of your property, it also plays a critical practical function. Your roof is the first line of defense against Mother Nature and all the weather she brings—from pounding rain to blustery winds. Therefore, in order to protect your property, your assets, and the people inside, it’s crucial to ensure that your roof is in excellent condition. And the best way to achieve this is with one of our roof inspections in Sugar Land, TX.


It can be easy to forget about your roof; it’s not something you can easily look at every day. Additionally, it’s not very easy to get close enough to your roof to perform a thorough and accurate inspection. That’s where we come in. Using our high-quality and cutting-edge roof inspection drone, we’re able to provide a bird’s-eye view of your roof. With this visual information and data, you can make an informed decision about whether or not your roof needs replacement or repair.


Instead of wondering, “who offers the best drone services near me,” you can rest assured knowing that Sky Vue Drone Services, LLC is the only name you need to remember.


Residential Applications

Our aerial photographer in Sugar Land, TX, can help you sell your house and sell it faster. In fact, MLS statistics show homes with aerial photos sell 68% faster. This is a new and fresh way of showing potential buyers the entirety of your property.


From high above, they get perspective of the house and grounds. They also can see your home compared to other houses in the neighborhood, as well as what the neighborhood looks like. Pictures that have been taken from a drone give you a competitive edge in selling.


While you have that eye in the sky, be sure to ask the aerial photographer to give you lots of pictures to choose from — close-ups to show the condition, especially the roof, as well as small and large slices of the property presented in appealing ways.


Of course, aerial photos can do more than simply help you sell your home. For proud homeowners, drone photography opens up a whole new way of showing off your home. Usually, this pride is shown through street-level shots of a home, but with drone photography, the sky’s the limit! You can even have these photos enlarged and framed, creating a wonderful focal point in your living room and allowing you to show off your home with pride.


Commercial & Industrial Applications

Since the pilot is back at the base directing the drone, rather than in the aircraft itself, there is no risk of danger to the pilot. Drones have the advantage of being small, so they can fly into spaces where a larger aircraft could not venture. This increases the number of applications and range for aerial drone services.


We’ll fly our craft into areas you would like to inspect. Whether looking for specific damage or performing routine industrial inspections, a drone can get you the images you need to decide on equipment repairs.


Real Estate

Another ready application is customized drone shots for real estate. Whether you own residential or commercial property, we can take video or photographs with high accuracy and clarity.  Images such as this have an incredible impact on real estate marketing.


Natural Disaster Assessment

A drone can send you a bird’s-eye view of a natural disaster or venture in closer to get more specific details. It can be dangerous to send a human out in the aftermath of a storm, fire, or flood, but an unmanned craft poses no risk for loss of life.


Entertainment & Sporting Value

The potential for aerial videography in the sporting and entertainment industry is enormous, especially for events in arenas or stadiums. The video and pictures that our drones take provide a cost-effective means of getting the dramatic shots you need for event coverage or publicity.


Roof Evaluation

Roofing work can be time-consuming and arduous when relying solely on eyesight. Our roofing drone services provide high-definition images that make inspections far easier and cut down the time it takes to get a good idea for any work that a property might need. Instead of needing to climb on a potentially-unsafe surface, our team pilots a precise drone over the building to take a close look at problem areas.


This approach empowers future contractors with transferrable images and may even prevent greater damage to a roof by keeping boots away. Plus, it’s simple and speedy for buildings of all shapes and sizes, which often provides the ability to finish important projects sooner. Whether you’re checking for leaks after a storm or just investing in a proactive roof inspection, we have you covered.


Our experienced professionals know how to get the best footage with the least hassle, and our assessment skills provide clients with total confidence as they move forward with repair and maintenance plans. If you need to take a look at your building’s roof, do it the modern way with help from expert pilots and inspectors. That way, you always get the best value with the least risk to the people doing the work.


Contact us today to learn more about our drone services and how we can help you. We proudly serve customers in Sugar Land, TX, and all surrounding areas.

How can we help you?

Sky Vue Drone Services, LLC, hears from people and professionals from all backgrounds and walks of life. Homeowners ask us, “Can you take aerial photos of my house?” and companies ask us, “Do you handle commercial and industrial roof inspections?” The good news is that we’re able to say yes to both of these questions. But that’s not all we can do. As a leading supplier of professional drone services in Texas, we can truly do it all. Depend on us for a wide selection of aerial photography and videography services for an impressive range of applications and industries, from sports, entertainment, and music video production to emergency search and rescue operations during weather events. When you need eyes in the sky, Sky Vue Drone Services, LLC is the only name you need to remember.

Take a minute to learn about the various ways our company can support you, whether you’re a homeowner, a CEO, a musician, or an industry professional. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us for the information you need. One of our professionals will be happy to begin a conversation about our drone capabilities and how they can help you.

Residential and Commercial

We can use our drones for roof inspections or to assess damage to homes.


We can use our drones for pipeline inspections, oil refinery inspections, oil rig inspections, smoke stack inspections, cell tower inspections, wind refinery inspections, and electrical tower inspection.

Weather Emergencies

We can use our drones for search and rescue for flood or hurricanes.

Entertainment and Sporting Industries

We can use our drones for music videos, concerts, sporting and community events.

Our projects

Showcasing properties, businesses, or events from unique perspectives with crisp and brilliant footage is what we’re all about at Sky Vue Drone Services, LLC. It is our job and passion to provide our clients with dynamic representations of whatever they wish us to video. If you require an artistic advertising video or need clinical footage for an academic or scientific project, our pilots are ready to help.

The drone aerial film projects we have undertaken for clients are many and varied. We’ve worked with large businesses, car dealerships, for example, to help showcase their lot and the quality of their inventory. Our drones used for filming are of the highest professional grade and have allowed us to create excellent quality promo videos as well as home tours that are very useful for real estate agents. Filming extreme sports is not easy due to the dynamism and quickness of such activities, but it’s a project that we’ve excelled at over the years.

Not only is our staff fully capable of fulfilling the requirements of your drone video project, but our professionals also have the skills and equipment which allow us to edit the footage. Our work stands above the rest because we all know that images speak louder than words.

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Professional Drones Services Of Texas

Our drone services are the right choice when you need a bird’s eye view of the world. Whether you’re looking for damage to a roof or want to get the lay of the land, our professional drone services of Texas make seeing things from a different perspective a breeze. Give your video production a whole new look with the use of a drone to capture unique aspects of the environment and the people in it. Drones are a creative way to show the world in a different light.

Create Music Videos Using A Drone

Give your music video an innovative look by creating your work with a drone. Music videos filmed with a drone are eye-catching and memorable. Drones can go where other camera equipment cannot. Their small size and maneuverability make them the ideal solution to filming in unusual locations. An aerial music video offers flexibility in filming, and drones are adaptable to almost any environment. Under the right conditions, they can also replace expensive aerial equipment like helicopters and planes when you need to film at higher elevations or on the water.

Our professional drone services of Texas can take your production to the next level. Consider filming your music video with a drone and give your audience a new view of the world.