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Our company is built on honesty, integrity, and hard work and will not stop until your project is complete, and you are satisfied. We work hard to accomplish only the best results for you by using the latest technology available on the market.


We offer in house picture/video editing to ensure your project is delivered with top quality work.


Our drone pilots are licensed with the FAA to ensure no laws are broken while working on your project.


We use top quality professional drones shot with up to 4k quality pictures/video, we stand by our work.


Safety is our number one concern to ensure nobody is hurt and no property is damaged while flying.

Drone inspection Sugarland, TX

Drone Inspection in Sugar Land, TX


Using drones for aerial videography in Sugar Land, TX is a way to unlock unlimited opportunities for your business or organization. We urge you to expand your thinking and consider the advantages these unmanned aerial vehicles offer. From commercial and industrial applications to search and rescue to entertainment, drones have the ability to capture video or pictures that it may be expensive, difficult, or impossible to obtain otherwise.


Sky Vue Drone Services, LLC is a company pioneering the use of drones for a wide variety of applications. Our FAA-licensed pilots are ready to fly our drones for you. Call us to discuss drone service.


Commercial & Industrial Applications

Since the pilot is back at the base directing the drone, rather than in the aircraft itself, there is no risk of danger to the pilot. Drones have the advantage of being small so they can fly into spaces where a larger aircraft could not venture. This increases the number of applications and range for drone aerial photos.

You can put our drones to work for you. Perhaps your company owns oil refineries. With a drone at your disposal, our pilot can fly our craft into areas you would like to inspect. Whether looking for specific damage or performing routine inspection, a drone can get you the images you need for necessary repairs.

Another ready application for drones is real estate. Whether you own residential or commercial property, we can take video or photographs with great accuracy and clarity.  Images such as this have an incredible impact on real estate marketing.

Natural Disaster Assessment

Drones are also very helpful in assessing the damage Mother Nature has done. A drone can get a bird’s-eye view or venture in closer to get more specific details. It can be dangerous to send a human out in the aftermath of a storm, fire, or flood, but an unmanned craft poses no risk for loss of life.

Entertainment & Sporting Value

The potential for the sporting and entertainment industry is enormous, especially for events in arenas or stadiums. The video and pictures that our drones take provide a cost-effective means of getting the dramatic shots you need for event coverage or publicity.


Contact us with your questions about how our drones can serve you. We proudly serve customers in Sugar Land, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

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Residencial and commercial

We can use our drones for roof inspections or assess damage to homes.


We can use our drones for pipeline inspections, oil refinery inspections, oil rig inspections, smoke stack inspections, cell tower inspections, wind refinery inspections, and electrical tower inspection.

Weather Emergencies

We can use our drones for search and rescue for flood or hurricanes.

Entertainment and Sporting Industries

We can use our drones for music videos, concerts, sporting and community events.

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